Thursday, 12 May 2016

Canada is a multicultural society

Canada is a multicultural society in the true meaning of multiculturalism’.

Major mainstream newspapers such as ‘Globe & Mail’ ‘Toronto Star’ plus TV and radio stations such as CBC, City TV etc.  play the major role in the national media.

In addition, there is large number of community newspapers, community radio stations and community TV stations operate by a large number of ethnic and cultural groups and organizations throughout the country.

The community media organizations (Newspaper, TV staions.Radio stations etc.) hold membership with a collective long standing body called’ ’National Ethnic Media Council ‘in Canada.

The current President of the Council is Mr. Thomas.D. Sara belonging to the Greek ethnic community in Toronto. He is involved with the media matters and publications related to the Greek community in Canada. He is a multilingual media person who has been living in Canada for close to 37 years.

 I am a member of the ‘National Ethnic Media Council’ as I publish a Sri Lankan community monthly newspaper called’Yathra’ with a circulation of 7000-10000 per month. ‘Yathra’ has been in continuous publication in Canada since 2006.

Recently Mr. Charles Sousa, the Hon.Finance Minister of the Ontario provincial government made a presentation to our council about the 2016 Ontario budget and about the media related issues in Ontario.

He was particularly interested in listening to the opinions, comments and suggestions of the membership of the ‘National Ethnic Media Council’ during the presentation.

I and many of the members who attended the presentation were highly impressed with the knowledge, and the other capacities and the way Mr. Charles Sousa conducted the proceeding during that day.

When I was reflecting about this presentation, my mind naturally travelled to the way these things happen in my mother country even at this very moment. The way our egocentric, inefficient, ignorant politicians and ministers behave and perform these tasks deluding themselves that they know everything about the subject. Frankly most of them do not bother to study things deeply. Also they do not have an open minded attitude like Mr. Sousa to learn from a practical engaged audience.

I am herewith posting some pictures taken with Mr.Chalres Sousa and Mr. Thomas. Sara.

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